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"You slept through your alarm, don't sleep through Mine," God told me one day. "A watchman can't fall asleep on the wall!"

Following His lead, I did what the Holy Spirit had been moving me to do. I compiled a devotional, filled with insights He has shared with me over several years, mostly during my morning walks with my three dogs and sometimes in my prayer times with Him or in my preparation for sermons. Two or three dozen poems are sprinkled throughout the 366 days, but the work mostly consists of insights the Lord has shown me through observations in nature, the changing of seasons, etc.

"God reveals Himself, highlights His word and confirms our faith."

The reader is taken on those daily walks, feeling the crisp Maine fall air and the cantankerous winter blast, watching the trees hibernate then turn vibrant, observing the fern peek out of the earth and then burst into fans. In all these things, and more,

God reveals Himself, highlights His Word and confirms our faith.

In many of these entries, I explore the Jewish roots of the Christian faith and that Jewish connection to the various aspects of the tenets of Christians' belief.

Walks with God

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