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Startling fiction. Or is it fact foretold?

AFA Journal Editor Randall Murphree had just finished "The Three Sixes" when he wrote: "Mark Alan Leslie’s insights into world politics and contemporary culture are staggering and frighteningly realistic."

Now comes "The Last Aliyah" and what will reviewers say now?

The plot: When the United Nations bans Jewish emigration to Israel and the US Senate acquiesces, leading nuclear fusion and cloaking-technology scientists to join in a daring escape plan. Will a modern-day Underground Railroad be able to ferry them out of the country before Homeland Security hones in and captures them?


Dripping with tension, "The Last Aliyah" takes us to that place few want to go: What will happen to America if it "curses" the apple of God's eye, the Jews? 

The Last Aliyah

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