“I read about 20 Christian novels a year and Mark Alan Leslie and Buck Storm are my favorites of the last decade or more.”

— Randall Murphree, editor, AFA Journal

Former Longtime Christy Award Judge


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A Cause Most Splendid:
The Battle for the Bible

If history teaches anything it is that religious freedom isn’t always free and some men and women must risk all to preserve it.

The year is 1777.

“Yours is a cause most splendid, most noble,” Robert Aitken is told.

Despite the threat of prison or the hangman’s noose, Aitken is determined to print much-needed Bibles for American colonial troops, churches and families.

The Royal Family alone has publishing rights to God’s Word, the British say, and any printing of the King James Bible is not only illegal but a personal slap-in-the-face to the Sovereign.

Aitken’s reply: “My King is the King of kings. To him only will I answer.”

And so history is made.