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“Leslie’s insights into world politics and contemporary culture are staggering and frighteningly realistic. He ... will make readers think they’re living too close to catastrophe.”

— Randall Murphree, editor, AFA Journal

Former Longtime Christy Award Judge

Torn Asunder — An End Times Novel

THE ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT has negotiated a Middle East peace now in its fourth year.


THE CHURCH UNIVERSAL has brokered a homogenized world religion.


THE ALLIANCE, an amalgam of society’s most ardent social-justice activists, has grown in power but not fast enough for its leaders.


Into this morass steps TRUTH PUBLISHING AND BROADCASTING, an empire driven by a biblical worldview.

Targeting Truth for destruction, the Alliance turns its foggy innuendoes into murder and mayhem. Jake MacMillan built the Truth empire out of his own writing, wit and charisma. Between the Alliance and One World Government, Jake has become Target No. 1, leading to personal tragedy that puts him on a deadly precipice.


Darek Field, a young TV-magazine superstar, trades in that lofty power for a place on the Truth team. When Jillian Downs, a striking reporter, marries Darek they become a media sensation … and Target No. 2.

In this world of moral darkness headed toward oblivion, a planet starved for righteous leaders … is Truth enough to save mankind?